All Saints C.E. Primary School

Easter Bonnet Parade 2018

During Holy Week we took part in an Easter bonnet parade to celebrate new life. We had a brilliant time making our bonnets and an even better time showing them off in our parade.

Everyone was full of enthusiasm, made a great effort and we all had a wonderful time together.

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part, to those who joined came to watch and support and a special thank you to our judges. A very difficult decision! Finally a big congratulations to our prize winners!


Mothers Day Celebrations

Worship group led us in a special Mothers Day assembly where by we were encouraged to reflect and think about those special people in our lives who take care of us. We were reminded of each role they play in our lives with Worship group taking us through every step of the journey and showing us just how much they do for us.

With their mums in the audience receiving their very own badge of honour, it was a very special occasion.

Well done Worship group!


On the afternoon, we held Mothers day craft sessions. It was wonderful to see so many mums, aunties, sisters, grandparents – all those who look after us- enjoying quality time together being creative.


World Book Day 2018

On Thursday 1st March, we came together to celebrate World Book Day. We all looked the part with our amazing outfits inspired by our favourite characters from our much loved books and bedtime stories. Teachers shared their favourite stories with us on the afternoon. We had a really great day!




The following week we were also very lucky to be visited by an Author of children’s books- Lawrence Prestige. He read his latest book to us in assembly and signed and sold his books in the hive after school. As you can see from the photographs. He was very popular!

All Saints loves reading!



Edgmond Hall Day 4-The final lap

Good evening everyone!

Another bright and early start (maybe too early for us teachers!!) to the morning. We woke up ready for our final full day, starting off with a yummy breakfast of cereal, toast and scrambled eggs, which set us up for our final rotation of activities.

Miss McFarlane and Miss Badger’s group had orienteering. At the start of the session, the children were excited to develop their skills to read a map and to understand a compass. Towards the end of the session, both teachers were amazed at how the children worked together as a team and they were able to find each point using their orienteering skills. 

Miss Paparozzi’s group took off on the mini bus to walk to the top of Wenlock Edge. We had lots of fun jumping in the muddy puddles and finding fossils. We learnt all about the different hill ranges around the area and origins of different places around the development of the woodland area. 


Mr McGarvey’s group had bush craft within the woods. They started the session very excited to learn their survival skills. The children’s order of survival items differed once more- water overtook chocolate with this group! They finished off the morning with building their dens. Unfortunately, Mr McGarvey’s group got very, very wet!

To finish our week, we asked the children their opinions of the residential and although this is just a snippet, each and every child has absolutely loved it!! They have risen to different challenges, worked together amazingly and they have had lots of new and exciting experiences.

All Saints children think that Edgmond Hall is….. 

 Liam Yr 2 

“Really fun! Orienteering and the blindfold challenge was the best! I think this place is a nice place for trips.” 

Benecia Yr 3 

“Amazing because you get to do loads of fun things.” ” The funniest part was when I was feeding the animals.” “I would come back so I could have more adventures!” 

Lexie Yr 2 

“Cool!” “We did lots of fun things, like blindfolding games, free time and EVERYTHING!” “The best things are the obstacles because I actually like playing here!”

Haad Yr 3 

“Good and awesome because you can do fun things and feed the animals.” “Playing in the field with my friends is the best part!” 

Olivia-Leigh Yr 2 

“I like when we got to go orienteering, when we used the maps to find the pictures.” “I would come back, and learn new things and meet new people again!” 

Daisy- Mae Yr2 

“I’ve enjoyed it, it’s fun!” “I’ve enjoyed playing outside” 

Gyan yr 3
“I have enjoyed it, there is so much to do and I like that everyone is involved. If I had to rate it out of 10, it would get a 10!”

Vijay yr3
“I have enjoyed everything!! We get to do lots of activities that I don’t normally do and it has given me more chance to spend time with my friends.”

Fraya yr3
“I have loved the food! I also like that we spend lots of time outside and I can be with my friends.”

Ruby yr3
“I love that we have spent so much time outside. I have enjoyed all of the activities and challenges that we have had to do.”

As you can see, we have had the best week but we are also really looking forward to coming back tomorrow to see all of our friends and families.

Bye for now! We will see you tomorrow afternoon!

Edgmond Hall – Day 3

Good evening everyone! 

Another great day here at Edgmond hall. We had a really good sleep and we are now getting used to the routine. We fueled ourselves with cereal and spaghetti hoops on toast for breakfast, which prepared us for our next day of adventures.

Each group fed the animals before continuing with our rotation of activities: walking to the top of Wenlock Edge on our day walk, bush craft activities and orienteering at the center.

The group walk to Wenlock Edge overlooked the most beautiful view! Children persevered and reached the top of the hill!

The group taking part in bush craft worked in a team to build a waterproof, sturdy den using natural materials. At the end of the session, we tested the stability of the dens, each group achieving 10/10. Afraid the same couldn’t be said for how waterproof they each were- it is fair to say we got a little wet!

We then learnt how to make our own fire before toasting marshmallows and scones over the open fire. The marshmallow around our mouths was a hint that we enjoyed this part of the afternoon! 

The group orienteering did a great job at following a map and using a compass. It has been amazing to see the different year groups really come together and help one another! Especially during the blind folded activity where we lead each other through the woods of obstacles. 

After our yummy tea of pasta bolognese and apple whirl and custard, we visited the gift shop and enjoyed some free time outside making new friendships and enjoying the fresh air!

We really are having a fantastic time, some of us have even commented on having the best day ever, each day beating the last!

We will write back tomorrow, goodnight for now!

Edgmond Hall Day 2- The Adventure starts!

A nice bouncing start to the day! Children were up feeling refreshed after a good night sleep and we began the day enjoying the fresh air and morning sunshine before a hearty breakfast of cereal and toast! It was then time to go off into groups and begin the day’s adventures!

Miss P’s group began their morning with feeding the goats before learning the skill of orienteering. We worked in small groups to read a map and locate different areas, as well as learning to use each point on a compass. Miss was so impressed with our team work and great attitude towards learning something new!


Much to our amazement, the afternoon had a surprise in store! A visit from the Mayor of Sandwell! He came to visit the center and was greeted with our wonderful All Saints children. He was very impressed with how eager and enthusiastic the children were that he even joined us for lunch!

Miss McFarlane and Miss Badger were off to the woods to begin their bush craft and topic of survival. Children used their bodies to create an airplane and made it crash land! Each child was given an object to sort in order of importance from most to least. A chocolate bar was voted the necessity (obviously)! After completing this, they had to take shelter and make their own waterproof den! Even us teachers got involved!… “We are still drying off”.



Mr McGarvey and his group took off for a long walk to Wenlock Edge for the whole morning. Children had lots of fun jumping in puddles, throwing snowballs and climbing the biggest hill we’d ever seen before completing a 5 mile walk.


After our lunch of delicious sandwiches and sausage/cheese rolls, we continued on with our activities. Some of us made fires and even got to toast marshmallows over an open fire, whilst others were involved in different activities involving sowing seeds and a blindfolded trail through the woods. We have just enjoyed our tea of sausages (and veggie) with mash and vegetables with jelly and ice cream for pudding. We have had a fantastic second day and we are definitely ready for a good night sleep, ready to see what tomorrow brings!

Night night for now, we will be back tomorrow! 

Edgmond Hall Day 1- Arrival

Having arrived feeling excited, we were given a tour around the grounds before it was time to unpack, remember where things go and the challenge for the day, make beds!! Children all completed this challenge using team work as well as persevering! This also gave them time to start building new friendships within their bedrooms. 
Next, time to get messy! Children had some free time where they got to venture out onto the playing fields and found the biggest and the only mud puddle on the grounds! After running around, it was time for dinner: pizza, beans and salad and fruit for pudding! Of course, we all had empty plates!
Once their tables were tidy and table points had been counted, it was time for team building activities. They got put into their table groups with an adult at each group they had to move around to different activities. Each activity came with its challenges. Each group had to learn how to work within a team and how to communicate with each other in order to successfully complete each task. 

Children really worked up an appetite and it was a good job as it was then dinner time! We had fish fingers, chips and peas, polished off with chocolate cake and chocolate sauce! Torches and wellies at the ready, Our evening activity was a night walk around the grounds and through the Edgmond forests. This really tired us all out, so when we arrived back at the center it was time for a hot chocolate before putting on our pajamas and heading to bed! Children slept well and are feeling refreshed, ready for today’s adventures!


What a performance!

On Thursday 15th we were treated to a performance by children who learn an instrument in school. Mrs Young led her Violinists, Mrs Lawrie led her Cellists and Mrs Sagoo led her Dhol Drummers ‘All Saints Dhol Saints’

What a talented bunch! Children played along with their teachers to demonstrate their skills and talent. Showing great confidence playing to a crowded hall including their classmates, teachers and parents. Children also played well together and were so in sync.

We are so proud of you all and we are looking forward to your next performance.

Thank you and well done!


Rock Band Success!

On Wednesday 7th February we were treated to a performance by our very own After School Club, school rock band! The Band includes children from years 4-6 playing a variety of instruments from Acoustic Guitars to keyboard and electric drums. There are also singers who take to the microphone in solo and duet performances.

It was clear to the audience that the band have worked extremely hard and made fantastic progress in their after school club this term as their performance was outstanding. A real treat for everyone to see their class mates so confident, talented and working together as one unit.

Well done Rock Band!  We look forward to your next performance.




100% Day Autumn Term

Firstly can we say well done to all the children who achieved 100% attendance this term and were awarded their bronze badge for Autumn. You thoroughly deserved your 100% day to celebrate together.

Children  enjoyed a magic show from Mr Custard who had everyone giggling, surprised and confused at times with his wonderful tricks. We even had some participants join him on stage for balloon modelling. Don’t they look wonderful in their new hats!



We also had fun getting creative with Christmas Crafts and tested our knowledge of Christmas with a team quiz. You certainly know your stuff!

To end the day we gathered together in the hall to watch a Christmas film with popcorn too!

Well done Everyone! Good Luck for Spring term!