All Saints C.E. Primary School

100% Day Autumn Term

Firstly can we say well done to all the children who achieved 100% attendance this term and were awarded their bronze badge for Autumn. You thoroughly deserved your 100% day to celebrate together.

Children  enjoyed a magic show from Mr Custard who had everyone giggling, surprised and confused at times with his wonderful tricks. We even had some participants join him on stage for balloon modelling. Don’t they look wonderful in their new hats!



We also had fun getting creative with Christmas Crafts and tested our knowledge of Christmas with a team quiz. You certainly know your stuff!

To end the day we gathered together in the hall to watch a Christmas film with popcorn too!

Well done Everyone! Good Luck for Spring term!



Problem Solving Day

Children in Phase 3 took part in ‘Problem Solving Day’ last week. As our children love Maths we prepared a day of exciting and challenging activities for them to take part in. In some tasks they worked as groups or pairs and showed great communication skills. Other tasks involved focus and concentration. Each class also took part in a workshop to put their problem solving skills to the test. The problem solving company” were very impressed with their listening skills, behaviour, ability to work as a team and above all their Perseverance when it came to tackling logic problems like the Tower of Hanoi or the Pentominoes puzzle.

Well done Phase 3!





Ingestre Hall Day Four and Last Day: Dancing in a Disco and Leaving.

Hello everyone,

We had a super busy Thursday and Friday. Finally, we were able to present our masterpieces to the rest of the children at Ingestre. It was brilliant to see so many proud faces beaming as they showed the rest of the children what they had achieved throughout the week. During our free time on the same day, we explored the grounds a little more (check the pictures for a few snaps of this).

Everybody really enjoyed our last dinner together, then we headed upstairs to pack our bags and get ready to disco! We all danced to a mixture of songs, from Taylor Swift to Michael Jackson. We then headed up to bed, exhausted after so much boogieing.

Once we woke up for our final morning at Ingestre, we stripped the beds and made our way downstairs (with suitcases) for a delightful breakfast. After that, we reflected on our time at Ingestre in the Red Room, completing our diaries and our Arts Award! Sadly, it was then time to depart. After a slight delay with our coach, we waved a grateful goodbye to all the staff at Ingestre and were on our way home.

It is wonderful to say that all the children and staff have had a brilliant time on our week away. We appreciate the support from all parents and carers, and would like to thank the staff of Ingestre once again.

Thank you everyone! Hope you all have fun hearing all the stories from our week away.

Miss Pol, Miss Snaddon, Miss Badger and Mr McGarvey.

Day 3- Art, Cinema and Icecream

We woke up bright and early after a fabulous night sleep (even with the church bell practice). After a fantastic breakfast we were set to start our day of adding more content to our artistic pieces.

In dance we managed to add more flare and finesse to our developing choreography. Throughout music we expanded our lyrics and made the songs have more clarity in the melody. Within art, we started to add detail to make their creations start to come together. Whilst in drama, we add more of our own thoughts/ideas to expand our theatrical performance.

All our creations are coming along amazingly! With every extra workshop we learn new skills and how to be more confident in ourselves!

Lunch was superb, curry and rice with a poppadum so many of us tried it and love it!

Everyone at home get ready for our curry orders! All so excited for pudding jelly and ice cream, which was delicious.

The last workshop was to interview the tutors about their creative backgrounds and finished off with a pick tea which hit the spot! J

What an unbelievable evening! Teachers treated us to a 3D cinema experience watching Despicable Me 2. It was a great way to finished off the day with singing and dancing along to YMCA minion style!

Children can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Day Two: Getting Creative, Reflective and Proud.

Good morning everybody,

Yesterday was eventful! All of the groups participated in a full day of learning, ending with a working progress showcase, where we got to see snippets of our creations. Each group presented the methods they had been using to create their pieces. We are all working on the theme of ‘Time Travel’, but with each group adding their own twist on the topic. As our teachers were walking around, they were amazed by the overwhelming progress we’ve already made.

In the evening, we reflected on our day’s learning by writing in our Arts Diaries, then we wrote home to you! Keep an eye on the letterbox! We all settled down to bed, but were rudely interrupted by some unexpected Church Bell practise! Don’t worry though, all of us fell asleep soon after the practise had stopped.

Here are some of our thoughts so far:

Dylan, Year 6 – ‘I’ve liked working with different people from different year groups.’

Pavan, Year 4 – ‘I have built up my confidence.’

Taran, Year 4 – ‘I’m proud that I didn’t cry today when I was writing my letter home. I was brave.’

Kian, Year 5 – ‘It’s fun. It’s fun in Art learning different things.’

Hargun, Year 6 – ‘Music is great, it’s brilliant being taught by a real musician.’

We hope you enjoy looking at our work! Stay tuned for another post this evening or tomorrow morning. All of the children once again send their love; they can’t wait to share all of their adventures with you.

Ingestre Hall Day One: Arrival!

Good afternoon all,

Firstly, thank you all for waiting for our first post. We had a busy, brilliant day, full of activity. Once we had arrived, we had a talk in the Great Hall and all of the staff at Ingestre introduced themselves. We then went up to our dormitories, found our rooms, unpacked and got our belongings organised. After, we had a guided tour around Ingestre, learning about the rich history this fantastic building has to offer. In the pictures, you’ll be able to see some of the rooms, such as the Great Hall, Yellow Room, beautiful grounds and some of the classrooms. In between all of these activities, we squeezed in a bit of free time outside with a scrumptious lunch afterwards!

We had our first session in our different groups yesterday, which we loved taking part in. Not only this, we have also been given Art Diaries to record our daily thoughts into, to help us work towards achieving our Arts Award. In the evening, after having dinner, we had more free time whilst groups visited the Art Installment based around World War I. We were immersed in the world of wartime history through the artist’s talented display and use of artefacts. 

As our evening drew to a close, we began to get showered and changed, ready for bed. We all snuggled down into our beds and had a restful nights sleep. 

Look for our next post either this evening or tomorrow morning. All the children send their smiles and love!


Frank Chapman Day Four: Climbing, bush craft and hot chocolate.

Hello everybody,

The children woke up excited to take part in the wonderful activities planned for them today. They ate their breakfast, got ready and assembled with big smiles on their faces. Today we completed a 3 part rota of activities, which was started on Tuesday. The activities were: tree climbing & abseiling, bush craft and low ropes & crate stack. With the help of the brilliant instructors, all children have taken part in each activity with a wonderfully positive attitude. They have all commented on how well the children are showing our school’s values of love, honesty, respect and perseverance.

Following a delicious dinner of chicken pie and apple sponge we went down to the bush craft area and had a fire with hot chocolate. This gave us time to reflect on the week and share our experience, feeling and goals. A chance to relax and reflect together with a cup of hot chocolate and cake.

Now all showered and tucked up in bed looking forward to the morning activities and returning home to see you all.

Night night all, see you tomorrow.

Mr McGarvey, Miss Badger, Miss Paparozzi, Miss Pol and All Children.

Frank Chapman Day Three: The Big Walk!

Good evening everyone,

Today has been both exhilarating and tiring. After waking up, having breakfast and getting on with our jobs, we prepared ourselves for the big walk. We collected our belongings and made sure we were wrapped up warmly, then reviewed our basic navigation skills then set off in groups. Throughout the walk, we stopped at checkpoints that we could find on the map, this helped us understand where we needed to go next. It was lovely to sit down in the sunshine at Cooper’s Mill whilst eating our food. We played some team games before setting off again, this time using GPS to navigate our way back. Overall, we’ve walked a colossal 10km from the morning through to the late afternoon.

Once we had returned from our walk and had a scrumptious dinner of jacket potatoes, beans and pizza, we headed outside for a game of hide and seek. All of the children enjoyed this tremendously! This evening, everybody has visited the shop and bought different gifts; everything from a pencil to a stretchy frog in some cases! 

Currently, the children are snuggled into beds for an early night after their busy day. 

Tomorrow, children will be taking part in abseiling, tree climbing, crate stacks and bushcraft. We hope you’ll visit for the our last evening post!

Mr McGarvey, Miss Badger, Miss Paparozzi and Miss Pol.

Frank Chapman Day Two

Good evening everyone, 

Children woke up bright and early (too early if you ask the teachers), ready for their next adventure. After a large helping of cereal and toast, the children were ready to start their day. Tummies filled, each group was given a job, ranging from sorting the recycling to collecting sticks for bush craft sessions. After the jobs were completed, to a high standard of course, we worked all together as a group and learned about the Solar System and how light gives us life and all about the food chain. After our taught session, we were then able to put this new knowledge to the test in a few games about the food chain. 

Before we knew it, it was then lunch time! A  delicious roll and veg sticks and dips- we tried something new and it was scrummy! We then split off into our groups ready to face a new challenge. Some of us took part in some bush tucker challenges, including making shelters and fires, another group faced some fears of heights, through abseiling! We climbed from the bottom of an artificial climbing wall, right up to the top! Finally, the last group took part in crate stacking- even the teachers got involved and made the tallest crate stack! 

We really worked up an appetite so it was a good job it was dinner time! After two helpings of spaghetti bolognese and chocolate cake and custard we had enough energy for our final activity of orienteering around the center.

We have had a fantastic second day and we are now all tucked up in bed!

We can’t wait to find out what is in store for day three! 

Night night everyone!


Miss Pol, Miss Paparozzi, Miss Badger and Mr McGarvey

Frank Chapman Day One: Arrival

Hello everyone!

It has been a whirlwind of a first day here at Frank Chapman. We have unpacked, made beds, took part in lots of team building activities and had long walk through the expansive forest here. It’s been great to see everybody smiling and getting involved in all of the fun games, despite the bout of heavy rain! Waterproofs were definitely needed! All groups had to work together to complete challenges, such as climbing through a spider’s web, carrying a ball suspended on a chain and collecting up balls into buckets as quickly as possible. We then finished the morning by trying to complete the egg drop challenge. This meant trying to create protection around our given eggs so that they wouldn’t crack. For lunch we had sandwiches, fruit and some wonderful cake!

After our delicious dinner of fish and chips, we went for a walk through the forest, ending up at the Magic Tree. We were able to make a wish here by pushing the tree as hard as we could. It has been such a busy day and everybody is nodding off to sleep! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

Have a look at the pictures underneath, you can click them to see them in greater detail.

Miss Pol, Mr McGarvey, Miss Badger and Miss Paparozzi