All Saints C.E. Primary School

Day 2- Splish, splash, splosh!

Today, has been wicked. Up nice and early to find out information about and complete our jobs for the week, this included bird feeding, recycling and setting tables for breakfast. Beans on toast and cereal is just want we needed to fill our bellies for the adventures ahead. To brighten our day, we started with a lovely sing song to celebrate KW (Yr5) Birthday (Happy Birthday KW). 

Yellow Group: 

Had the adventure of heading to the beach for the morning, we had a great time of rock climbing and a competition who would make the best sand castles (Miss Badger had a huge undertaking trying to decide the best one). We got to eat our lunch on the beach to, sitting on the rocks watching the waves (it was amazing!) “Its great experience!”(AP-Yr5). Next, we headed towards Llyn Dinas to do climbing, we got the chance to get our feet wet and climb some rocks.  ” I feel like Bear Grylls!” (H-JB- Yr5)

Red Group: 

Our adventure started with us abseiling down a cliff face, it was so fun and we all achieved it with team work and help from our instructor. We even manged to have a race where RA (Yr6) managed to beat Mr McGarvey to the bottom. With a quick lunch, we were soon kitted up and sitting in the mini bus ready to go canoeing. With a “cold, interesting and exciting” (OM-Yr5) paddle, we got the chance to race the canoes, practice going forward and backwards along with getting the chance to play some canoe games.

Blue Group: 

We had a interesting challenge today, as we had to walk up a mountain! We were all very apprehensive when our leader Mel told us we would be walking for 6 hours, however, we soon found our feet and had the best time. Not only did we manage to reach the peak of the mountain and walk ALL the way back to the Plas Gwynant centre. We also had the opportunity to climb a tree, explore an old mining cave and even eat some of the plants we found along the way (only the safe ones pointed out to us by Mel of course!). To help us on our adventure we had time to stop and each our lunch looking out over the wonderful views and we even had a stop for some hot chocolate out of a flask, followed by a bourbon biscuit, delicious! As we got back to the centre, although we were tired and aching, we felt a great sense of achievement after travelling all that way.

”I feel like I have conquered my fear of heights!” EC (Yr5)


Green Group:

What a jam-packed day!  We had the most fun: canoeing on an open lake deep in the Welsh valleys, abseiling down the face of very steep rock and heading out on a ‘night walk’ through the beautiful grounds of Plas Gwynant.  We are loving every second, all of us facing each challenge head on; pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones-  “This is epic!” (HE- Year 6)