All Saints C.E. Primary School

Edgmond Hall Day 4-The final lap

Good evening everyone!

Another bright and early start (maybe too early for us teachers!!) to the morning. We woke up ready for our final full day, starting off with a yummy breakfast of cereal, toast and scrambled eggs, which set us up for our final rotation of activities.

Miss McFarlane and Miss Badger’s group had orienteering. At the start of the session, the children were excited to develop their skills to read a map and to understand a compass. Towards the end of the session, both teachers were amazed at how the children worked together as a team and they were able to find each point using their orienteering skills. 

Miss Paparozzi’s group took off on the mini bus to walk to the top of Wenlock Edge. We had lots of fun jumping in the muddy puddles and finding fossils. We learnt all about the different hill ranges around the area and origins of different places around the development of the woodland area. 


Mr McGarvey’s group had bush craft within the woods. They started the session very excited to learn their survival skills. The children’s order of survival items differed once more- water overtook chocolate with this group! They finished off the morning with building their dens. Unfortunately, Mr McGarvey’s group got very, very wet!

To finish our week, we asked the children their opinions of the residential and although this is just a snippet, each and every child has absolutely loved it!! They have risen to different challenges, worked together amazingly and they have had lots of new and exciting experiences.

All Saints children think that Edgmond Hall is….. 

 Liam Yr 2 

“Really fun! Orienteering and the blindfold challenge was the best! I think this place is a nice place for trips.” 

Benecia Yr 3 

“Amazing because you get to do loads of fun things.” ” The funniest part was when I was feeding the animals.” “I would come back so I could have more adventures!” 

Lexie Yr 2 

“Cool!” “We did lots of fun things, like blindfolding games, free time and EVERYTHING!” “The best things are the obstacles because I actually like playing here!”

Haad Yr 3 

“Good and awesome because you can do fun things and feed the animals.” “Playing in the field with my friends is the best part!” 

Olivia-Leigh Yr 2 

“I like when we got to go orienteering, when we used the maps to find the pictures.” “I would come back, and learn new things and meet new people again!” 

Daisy- Mae Yr2 

“I’ve enjoyed it, it’s fun!” “I’ve enjoyed playing outside” 

Gyan yr 3
“I have enjoyed it, there is so much to do and I like that everyone is involved. If I had to rate it out of 10, it would get a 10!”

Vijay yr3
“I have enjoyed everything!! We get to do lots of activities that I don’t normally do and it has given me more chance to spend time with my friends.”

Fraya yr3
“I have loved the food! I also like that we spend lots of time outside and I can be with my friends.”

Ruby yr3
“I love that we have spent so much time outside. I have enjoyed all of the activities and challenges that we have had to do.”

As you can see, we have had the best week but we are also really looking forward to coming back tomorrow to see all of our friends and families.

Bye for now! We will see you tomorrow afternoon!