All Saints C.E. Primary School

Supporting your child with Maths

One of the issues that parents often speak to us about is that mathematical methods have changed since they were at school, so they are unsure how to work with their child. Moreover, the level of challenge in primary school maths has significantly increased. To help address this, we have produced a series of ‘how to’ videos, explaining step-by-step how to use the methods that your child will use in class.

The videos are in the order that your child should study them. For example, they should do the expanded column method before moving on to regular column addition. Please use this alongside the Parent’s Calculation Policy to support your child.

You do not need a Dropbox account to access these videos. Try pausing them and having a go at some of the questions, then playing it to see how you got on.

Expanded Column Addition

Column Addition

Expanded Column Subtraction

Column Subtraction

Short Division

Short Multiplication

Long Multiplication