All Saints C.E. Primary School

Ingestre Hall Day One: Arrival!

Good afternoon all,

Firstly, thank you all for waiting for our first post. We had a busy, brilliant day, full of activity. Once we had arrived, we had a talk in the Great Hall and all of the staff at Ingestre introduced themselves. We then went up to our dormitories, found our rooms, unpacked and got our belongings organised. After, we had a guided tour around Ingestre, learning about the rich history this fantastic building has to offer. In the pictures, you’ll be able to see some of the rooms, such as the Great Hall, Yellow Room, beautiful grounds and some of the classrooms. In between all of these activities, we squeezed in a bit of free time outside with a scrumptious lunch afterwards!

We had our first session in our different groups yesterday, which we loved taking part in. Not only this, we have also been given Art Diaries to record our daily thoughts into, to help us work towards achieving our Arts Award. In the evening, after having dinner, we had more free time whilst groups visited the Art Installment based around World War I. We were immersed in the world of wartime history through the artist’s talented display and use of artefacts. 

As our evening drew to a close, we began to get showered and changed, ready for bed. We all snuggled down into our beds and had a restful nights sleep. 

Look for our next post either this evening or tomorrow morning. All the children send their smiles and love!