All Saints C.E. Primary School


At All Saints to help us teach the Spelling component of the National Curriculum, we use ‘Read Write Inc. Spelling’ which is a robust, fast-paced, systematic spelling program for children in Years 2-6. The English language has one of the richest vocabularies in the world, inheriting words from many other languages including Latin, French, Greek and German. As the English language is complex, many children need explicit systematic teaching that is continually practiced and reinforced, until spelling is committed to children’s long term memory. ‘Read Write Inc. Spelling’ provides this structured, systematic teaching.

Each week children will be introduced to a new unit which is made up of daily sessions. During their daily sessions, children will complete tasks within their Practice Books. They will complete a ‘Consolidation Session’ after every two units and every half term, complete a ‘Practice Test’. Every unit will look at spellings from the common exception words for Years 1 and 2 listed within the National Curriculum and words on the National Curriculum word lists for Year 3 / 4 and Years 5/6.

Children each have a Spelling Log Book which enables them to record their own words to revise, and give opportunity for on-going self-assessment. Children are encouraged to take these home to share with parents, carers or older siblings who can help children to practice spelling their weekly selection of words. The Spelling Log Books also contain a glossary of key spelling terms and a chart of Red or Orange words. Red words are word specified in the National Curriculum as ‘common exception words’ in Years 1 and 2, plus some additional high frequency words with an unusual spelling. Orange words are words specified in the National Curriculum word lists for Years 3/ 4 and years 5/6.

Lots of free resources to help you and your children with spelling can be found at – . Here you can enjoy helpful tips and activities to support your children’s learning and discover 250 eBooks to read at home together.