All Saints C.E. Primary School

100% Club

Attending school everyday and on time is very important to us at All Saints. If we manage it each term we achieve 100% and get awarded our bronze, silver and gold badges over the school year. If we qualify for a badge we become members of the 100% club!

If you are in the 100% club for the term you can wear your badge with pride and you get to take part in a rewards day. Reward days have included; exclusive access to the animal man, trips to the cinema, picnic and games in the park, fun time at Space hoppers and even Christmas crafts, face painting and playing out in the snow.


100% Dates for 2017 / 2018

Autumn Term

Wednesday 6th September 2017         to             Friday 8th December 2017

(or start date for children joining Nursery or Reception)

100% Club Rewards Day or Autumn term Thursday 14th December 2017


Spring Term

Monday 11th December 2018              to             Friday 23rd March 2018

100% Club Rewards Day for Spring Term Thursday 29th March 2018


Summer Term

Monday 26th March 2018                     to             Friday 13th July 2018

100% Club Rewards Day for Summer Term Thursday 19th July 2018