All Saints C.E. Primary School

Welcome to All Saints C of E Primary School’s website. The staff, children and parents are very proud that our school is described as a friendly school with a family feel. We are fully committed to ensuring that our children are happy, safe and capable.

Our children are given opportunities to develop academic, creative and social skills in order to be able, active and inspired young people. We want to give them a memorable time at school and prepare them to go on to have the best chances in life. We place a lot of emphasis on teaching children the skill of how to learn so that they can apply themselves well to new and challenging situations as well as being excited by their day-to-day curriculum. Our positive ethos is based on a foundation of strong Christian values.

As you can imagine this isn’t always an easy task but the commitment and hard work of our children, the staff, parents and families, local community, the church and other partners helps immensely and it is something I value and want to continue to build on. The school has an excellent reputation and parents are keen to get their children a place in our growing school.

We appreciate the importance of Collective Worship, Staff and children alike appreciate the shared Faith and vision that Collective Worship brings and the coming together of people to think spiritually. We often walk to our local Church (All Saints Church in West Bromwich) to unite and join together with our local community, friends and family in Collective Worship together. We come together to celebrate festivals, reflect, remember as well as take part in services led by Mother Jane.

We hope that our website will keep you informed, up to date with events and school news.

Mrs Jacqueline Beech

(Head Teacher)

‘For me the attraction is that we are Christian and they can live it because of what they are taught in school.
School helps them to be consistent with their Christian lives, it is made very easy for us to bring them up in Faith.
They are free to talk about their faith in confidence’ (Parent of Pupils in Year 3 and Year 6)