All Saints C.E. Primary School



At All Saints School staff work in partnership with children and parents to maintain a high standard of attendance. We believe it is important to be punctual and attend school regularly so that we can build and maintain good relationships, learn a full curriculum, make progress and practice at an early age a strong commitment to education and work ethic.

We are proud of our school and want to attend so we do not miss out on what is planned for us, events and friendships.

Each term we strive to achieve 100% attendance and if we make it we become members of the 100% club.

If you are in the 100% club you have a special rewards day to celebrate where we do all sorts like go to the cinema, have breakfast with our friends,  a day at the park, outdoor fun, games, crafts and even face-painting. Our fun day off timetable is a thank you to our children from school for their commitment and effort to attend school every day and on time.

Attendance for Week Ending 26th October 2018


Red Yellow Green Purple Orange Blue
90.00%  100%  95.00% 95.56%  92.86% 99.29% 
 1A 1HD  2J 2W 3L 3P
 95.67%  98.33%  95.00% 100%  99.68% 100%
 4B  4S 5BD 5C
96.21% 99.33% 100% 100%  100%  

Congratulations  Yellow group, 2W, 3P, 5BD, 5C & 6T

Attendance Policy