All Saints C.E. Primary School

Frank Chapman Day Three: The Big Walk!

Good evening everyone,

Today has been both exhilarating and tiring. After waking up, having breakfast and getting on with our jobs, we prepared ourselves for the big walk. We collected our belongings and made sure we were wrapped up warmly, then reviewed our basic navigation skills then set off in groups. Throughout the walk, we stopped at checkpoints that we could find on the map, this helped us understand where we needed to go next. It was lovely to sit down in the sunshine at Cooper’s Mill whilst eating our food. We played some team games before setting off again, this time using GPS to navigate our way back. Overall, we’ve walked a colossal 10km from the morning through to the late afternoon.

Once we had returned from our walk and had a scrumptious dinner of jacket potatoes, beans and pizza, we headed outside for a game of hide and seek. All of the children enjoyed this tremendously! This evening, everybody has visited the shop and bought different gifts; everything from a pencil to a stretchy frog in some cases! 

Currently, the children are snuggled into beds for an early night after their busy day. 

Tomorrow, children will be taking part in abseiling, tree climbing, crate stacks and bushcraft. We hope you’ll visit for the our last evening post!

Mr McGarvey, Miss Badger, Miss Paparozzi and Miss Pol.