All Saints C.E. Primary School

Frank Chapman Day Two

Good evening everyone, 

Children woke up bright and early (too early if you ask the teachers), ready for their next adventure. After a large helping of cereal and toast, the children were ready to start their day. Tummies filled, each group was given a job, ranging from sorting the recycling to collecting sticks for bush craft sessions. After the jobs were completed, to a high standard of course, we worked all together as a group and learned about the Solar System and how light gives us life and all about the food chain. After our taught session, we were then able to put this new knowledge to the test in a few games about the food chain. 

Before we knew it, it was then lunch time! A  delicious roll and veg sticks and dips- we tried something new and it was scrummy! We then split off into our groups ready to face a new challenge. Some of us took part in some bush tucker challenges, including making shelters and fires, another group faced some fears of heights, through abseiling! We climbed from the bottom of an artificial climbing wall, right up to the top! Finally, the last group took part in crate stacking- even the teachers got involved and made the tallest crate stack! 

We really worked up an appetite so it was a good job it was dinner time! After two helpings of spaghetti bolognese and chocolate cake and custard we had enough energy for our final activity of orienteering around the center.

We have had a fantastic second day and we are now all tucked up in bed!

We can’t wait to find out what is in store for day three! 

Night night everyone!


Miss Pol, Miss Paparozzi, Miss Badger and Mr McGarvey