All Saints C.E. Primary School



How do we band our reading books at our school?

In the UK, book bands are used across different reading schemes, across different schools, to indicate the reading level of each book.

Previously, we have adapted the ‘Collins Big Cat’ book banding system, designed by Cliff Moon, which was a colour coded system e.g. pink, ruby, topaz.

September 2016 saw the introduction of a new book banding system along with the exciting delivery of hundreds of new books! Our new banding system, ‘Oxford Banding’ begins at level 1 and progresses through to level 20. If you are unsure of what level the book is your child is bringing home, the  level  can be found on the back of the book in the top right corner.

On the Oxford website,,  you can find over 250 ebooks to read and share at home with your children!