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As a school, we will work with families at every stage to support and encourage good attendance. Our Family First Advisor, Mrs Poxon, is always available to speak to and will we always try to support families in any way that we can. There are various ways that we can support families to help improve attendance and we want to work with families to help to remove any barriers that they face.


Good attendance is vital to making good progress. All Saints and the DfE expect children to achieve minimum of 96% attendance over the school year. We give special recognition to our highest attenders through termly Top Percenters Days for children with over 98% attendance over that term and the weekly award of our attendance mascot in celebration assembly. We also recognise sustained improvement in attendance through letters thanking families for their efforts.


Just a few days off means that children missing out on vital learning that can be difficult to recover. The chart below gives an indication of how much learning could be missed across the school year: 



We understand that children are ill and ask that parents contact the school office on the first day of absence via ParentMail or telephone to notify us of any absences. However, because of the impact that lost learning has, we strongly discourage holidays and other leave of absences within term time. We will only grant permission for this under exceptional circumstances and taking unauthorised leave may lead to a referral for a fixed penalty notice.