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Frank Chapman- Day 2

What a fantastic day! Today has been jam-packed from start to finish. 

We woke up bright and early, brushed our teeth, dressed in our winter woollies and headed down to breakfast. After we’d munched on cereal and toast, we headed out to our morning activities.

Across the day there were four challenging activities:

Mining: in our groups, we were extremely brave and entered the mines. We followed two tracks, crawling on our bellies like an Action Hero. It was pitch black, narrow and extremely tight. 

Rock climbing: we worked together to attach our harnesses and began tackling the first of the three walls. We were so brave as it was higher than it looked! In true All Saints style, we persevered and worked together.

Blind lines: we walked deep into the forest to find a set of blind folds and lines of ropes.  In pairs, we followed the lines that led us around an obstacle course. As we carefully navigated our way, one wore a blind fold and the other led. It was really trick!

Archery: we learnt how to attach our arm-guard, perfect the correct stance and improve accuracy and power. We each had 5 arrows and first began practicing the new skills that we had been taught. After that, the pressure was on! In our teams, we had to see who could shoot with perfect accuracy and power to achieve the highest total.

After a day of fun and experiences that will last forever, we ate our evening meal (as it began to snow), completed our diaries and settled down with a biscuit and a hot chocolate to watch a film.


We are having the best time! 

Speak soon,

Year 3, Year 4 and All Saints Staff