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Ingestre Hall - Day 2

Our day began bright and early at 7:30am as we got ready for breakfast- the best meal of the day! Shortly after, we headed off to our first workshop session with our teachers.

For our first break, we explored the grounds a little more and raced Mrs Thomas and Miss Cox up (and down) the huge hill. After a quick snack and a drink, we began our second workshop session.


Lunchtime began at 12:30pm, so we headed to lunch and then into the games room for ‘free time’.


During the afternoon, we continued to work within our groups. We then gathered together to share the work that we have produced so far- we were all a little nervous as we haven’t experienced anything like this for a while.

After tea, we took a short walk to Ingestre Chapel, where Tony shared wonderful stories and artefacts with us as we delved into the historical world of Ingestre Hall and its grounds.


Finally, we managed to squeeze in enough time to watch the England vs Wales game (however, we did have to pause it on BBC iPlayer so that we didn’t miss any of the action). A 3–0 win, a perfect way to end another jam-packed day!