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Ingestre Hall - Day 4

We had a great day yesterday and it was a chance to showcase all of our new skills we had learnt and discovered about ourselves over the week. 


We had time to still work with tutors and put the finishing touches to our art work and performances and then in the afternoon we shared our work. 


First visiting the art studio, then the drama studio, on to the dance studio and then we finished at the performance stage in music. There were some nerves about performing beforehand, but this quickly turned to excitement and then fulfilment and pride. The lightening, sound, audience and our resilience and professionalism bought the performances to life and it was superb! 


Victory dances, cheers, celebratory hugs all round on the stage. They did it! 


What a great way to celebrate a successful residential with some free time, a trip to the souvenir shop and then the best bit of all- our party/ disco night! We still had plenty of energy after our weeks work and performances to hit the dance floor! 


We have slept well on our final night. Final bits to pack and breakfast this morning. Chance to reflect on the week and then we will be heading back.