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Spirited Arts - 2023

Theme - 'We have far more in common with each other than that which divides us.'

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*Pupil 8*

All Saints C of E Primary School
Ages— 3—11
Name of piece— Lets Connect!

At a time where the world can feel like a place that is struggling due to poverty, environmental concerns or conflict, it is important to come together and connect. It is important to not feel isolated. We feel proud of our school and being connected to it. There is more than unites us than divides us and this makes us feel hopeful, strong and uplifted.

We came together as a school to restore our Forest Area and all worked to look after it so that we could not only use it for our learning but to hold our outdoor art exhibition based on the word: Connection. We had fun, felt useful and energetic whilst being very productive. We then created these pieces of art so that we could decorate the Forest Area and parts of school to remind us of this sense of belonging and what we could achieve by being united. We discussed how we are one human race and how there should be harmony in diversity. The values people hold such as: love, faith and hope are not religion-specific and should enrich our communities. The different pieces of art we produced as a school are to show that unity is strength. The song we sing illustrates how division is weakness: ’How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.’ (Psalms 133:1) - so Let’s Connect!

*Pupil 7*


Year group— Reception

Ages— 4—5

Name of piece— Connection


We began by looking at the word connection. Next, we created our own action to show two hands connected and joined together. We looked carefully at our school uniform and talked about how this connected each of us to school.  By sitting with our partners we looked at each others features we found out we both had hair, two eyes, nose and a mouth. Although we are different, we are also the same. We followed this by talking about belonging to our reception class and thought about how we could show this on a big canvas using the natural resources in the forest to help.

We decided a stick person would be best. We searched high and low to find small sticks and connected them together and then drew our own faces on wooden discs. Finally we arranged them together to show our connection to each other and how we are equal and united as one.


*Pupil 6*


Year group— Year 2 (2L)

Ages—6– 7

Name of piece— Unique


Children were inspired by the message to take time out to create artwork in unison. They chose to create and make using materials from the land sitting outside on the forest floor. This gave a greater sense of connection to each other and the world around us. What children found most inspiring is that united in their aims their outcomes were unique, special and representative of each individual in the class.

In hanging and displaying their individual stick people together again they reflected the quote so effectively—’ We have far more in common with each other than that which divides us.’


* Pupil 5*


Year group— Year 6 (6W)


Name of piece— Connections


The children chose three colours that they felt closest too. The colours represented something in their lives. They then learnt how to plait the three strands and we spoke about how this represented our lives. All of our connections intertwined. We then spoke about how connecting these plaits would be like how we connect at All Saints. They decided on a circle as it represented the never ending connections we have. They also chose the circle because they wanted to be able to look through it to connect with God’s beautiful creations. They said “The closer you look at the art the more likely you are to see the many connections it has which represent how diverse our society is and how beautifully interwoven and united we should be.”



* Pupil 4 *


Year group— 4  


Name of piece— Unity—‘Branch out and connect’


The children were inspired to create a piece of art where all of their contributions were combined: where everything came together as one. Having spent time tidying up in the forest school area, the children settled on using sticks and twigs as the natural component of their piece. The idea was that they could all decorate their stick with colourful ribbon. Each child could make their stick as colourful or as patterned as they wished—each stick is different to represent how each child is different. Once all of the ribbon adorned sticks were put together, it created a piece that reflects the beautiful differences within our classes, but how we are unified as one human race!


* Pupil 3 *


Year group— Year 6 (6S)

Ages— 10—11

Name of piece— United we are one


Having previously connected with spoken word and performance poetry in Year 5. Class 6S were keen to utilise this art form to connect once again to each other in a physical sense through dance and movements and actions which they choreographed, through their choice of lyrics and spoken word and through their environment, choosing to perform in the forest and connect with nature creating an even greater sense of belonging and connection. The repetition and continual echo of the word ‘connect’ was performed loud and proud and emphasised to become a lasting reminder to everyone that ‘that which unites us is greater than what divides us’


* Pupil 2 *


Year group— Year 2 (2C)


Name of piece— Belong


We chose stones as our medium to represent the word ‘Belong’ as they were something the children felt could be easily held, picked up, looked at and used for reflection. The children also identified that they were a natural object so wouldn’t disrupt our forest but could be left out to add colour and brightness to God’s beautiful world whilst reminding everyone that we are one big family. The children wanted to use bright colours to decorate them as they felt these colours reflected happiness, showed unity and showed that together we can lead colourful lives! We also spoke about how colourful rainbows are a symbol of Gods promise to humanity. Our word ‘belong’ shows each pebble is slightly different but at the same they are still all vibrant pebbles. We are one!



* Pupil 1 *


Year group— Year 3 (3LW)

Ages—7- 8

Name of piece— Our Values


At All Saints, we see ourselves as one big family, who love, care and respect each-other. We are there for each-other during highs and lows and understand the importance of looking out for each-other and stepping in at just the right moment to give whatever support is needed at that time. This is why we chose to create our school values in letters using wire and wool. To display in our forest school.

Our school values represent who we are and who we choose to be. When we are together, we are one big family who work together to bring out the very best in each-other.