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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at All Saints Primary School


Design and Technology is an intricate part in our day to day lives, therefore here at All Saints C of E Primary School, we are dedicated to preparing children to take part in the development of today’s
rapidly changing world.


Children are encouraged to think creatively in order to solve problems including making improvements to existing ideas and products. In doing this, children are making positive contributions and changes to their own and others’ lives. They develop a curiosity for learning and uncover and discover new skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products.

Throughout the school year, we teach Design and Technology in units linked to the curriculum topics taught in each year group. For example, in year 4, children study Light in Science and through Design and Technology, they design, make and evaluate a night light.


During the Summer term each year, Design and Technology is taught as a whole school project. A theme and design brief is launched and each class has a specific area of the Design and Technology curriculum to focus on linked depending on their age range. For example, last summer, the theme was sustainability. Each class designed, made and evaluated a product linked to this theme. For example, in year 3, children made a sustainable bird box incorporating wood work skills.




D&T Showcase

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