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We take out time in our busy days to reflect and come together for Worship. Our children enjoy taking a lead in Worship through reading, taking part in services, leading spontaneous prayer, writing prayers and singing hymns. As well as Worship in school, we look for opportunities to Worship at home or at our partner Church- All Saints Church. 
Meet the All Saints Worship Group

Worship Group made gifts for parents to show just how special they are and so we can reflect on all that they do for us. We also wrote reasons why they light up our world on the candle holders.


'We'd like you to light the candle, let Gods light shine through and remember how special you are to us!'

Worship Days with different schools in our Community

Worship Group visits Lichfield Cathedral - Our Mother Church.


We took part in an Art installation project with Peter Walker - 'In the Image and Likeness: A Constellation of Images.' We produced our own self portraits and a written description about our personal journeys.