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Mindfulness Activities

1. Go for a mindful walk. Have a stroll with an adult around your neighbourhood, the local park or the woods, making an effort to spot things you haven’t noticed before. During the walk, stop for a minute and concentrate only on the things you can hear: an easy exercise in mindfulness.


2. Make a mindfulness jar. Fill a jar almost to the brim with water, tip in some glitter, and fasten the lid firmly. With an adult supervising, then shake the jar and focus on what happens as the glitter swirls and then settles.


3. Blow bubbles. This is a great way to focus on breathing: a key part of mindfulness practice. Make the biggest bubble you can, and notice how you have to blow slowly and steadily to make it happen.

More suggestions for EYFS and KS1 -


SIMPLE MINDFULNESS - Put on some relaxing calm music, this could be classical, relaxation, spa music etc. • Take long deep breaths, breathing into your tummy and out using your lungs to force the air out.  •Take another 5 long deep breaths  • Once you have taken the breaths, walk round the room, paying attention to what you feel through your feet as you place them on the ground, what can you hear etc.  


MUSCLE CONTROL - Lie down very quietly and make your toes tight then slowly relax them • Tense your legs and slowly relax • Clench your tummy and bottom and then gently relax • Make your arms tight and clench your fists, then slowly relax • Tense your face, jaw, screw up your eyes and then gradually relax them • Once you are completely relaxed, listen to the relaxing music for a few minutes.  


FLOPPY STAR - Roll into a ball as tightly as you can • After a minute or so go all floppy as you make a star shape with your body • Then slowly curl up each of your star points; curl in your right arm tightly, then slowly release, right leg, left leg, left arm and finally tense all the muscles in your face and relax • Now listen to the music for a few minutes. (You could then ask your adult to read you a lovely relaxing story at this point.)

More suggestions for KS2


7/11 BREATHING - Breathing in for 7 counts and breathing out for 11 counts. Repeat until you feel calmer. Simple but incredibly effective.  


ENERGY BREATHING - This simple technique balances the body and mind, increases energy, helps focus and clarity and is a form of simple meditation.  
• Sit upright and relax 
• Breathe in through the nose making sure your diaphragm is expanded (your tummy goes out) 
• Hold the breath for a moment 
• Breathe out through the mouth making a haaa sound as you do (as if you are trying to fog up a mirror) 
• Repeat 5-10 times  
You can close your eyes, you could play some relaxing music in the background, adapt it to suit you but something as simple as a breathing technique can make a huge difference to your concentration. 


Using Affirmations - Affirmations are phrases which reinforce positive attitudes such as:  
I believe in myself 
I learn new things easily 
I can do anything I set my mind to 
I am calm and happy and have nothing to fear. 
These statements should always be positive and always in the present tense so that you are affirming that they are already happening for you, you are already confident, you are already calm.