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Outdoor Learning

We firmly believe that 'Outdoor learning' is not simply a subject or topic ; its a way of teaching. We enjoy learning outside of the classroom and have utilised all our outdoor spaces to create exciting, imaginative and engaging spaces where children can learn differently.
With a large school field, two forest sites, playground spaces and break off areas. We have thought creatively about the spaces, drawn links to our curriculum and thought about how best these spaces can support our pupils in bringing learning to life, creating real hands on, practical learning, develop social skills, further enhance the learning taking place indoor to create meaningful connections, support pupils mental health and wellbeing and encourage them to explore their spirituality in learning in the fresh air, moving, exploring and connecting to nature.
In our forest you will find two sites, 'Hedghogs burrow' with learning zones designed around the EYFS curriculum including 'Little Saints Town' a kitchen and role pay area, 'Dig and Discover' a digging site complete with bug catchers, magnifiers and trowels, 'Saints soap and shine' and 'Saints Garage' a place where children can build cars, role play mechanics and car wash attendants. All areas designed to develop interactions between pupils, teachers and develop communication and vocabulary. As well as this children have access to a 'Loose Parts' area where they can let their imaginations loose, selecting materials, building and constructing.
In 'Hedgehogs nest' our other forest site, you will find the 'Excavation station' an area for budding archaeologists to uncover ancient artefacts and the 'Investigation station' an area of wooden ramps, guttering, water play and tuff spots where pupils can work practically to explore systems such as the water cycle, river systems and test theories of gravity and forces.
Bringing learning alive and making connections whether we are having a 'Roman Day', building a Saxon Settlement, recreating The Great Fire of London or having a debate; sharing stories or cooking on the camp fire we are making learning memorable and having fun. 
Outdoor learning can be done on our school site, off site or at home. It helps us to recall and apply learning, build relationships and develop our character education.