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Here at All Saints C of E Primary School we are passionate about developing a love of Mathematics in every child and a sense and curiosity about the subject by: planning exciting and engaging lessons which develop children’s enquiry and reasoning skills, equipping them with the foundations and fluency they need in strategies to access a wide curriculum, providing a wealth of concrete resources for all children to draw upon and creating learning so that children can make sense of real life mathematical situations.


Staff understand the importance of all children being able to fluently apply mathematical skills so that they can thrive in the wider world. Therefore, all children are exposed to reasoning and problem solving which develops their ability to: make statements, justify their ideas and become critical thinkers. Staff plan activities and challenges that develop children’s sense of wonder to the mathematical world.


Children are taught progressive skills which are taken from the National Curriculum. The well thought out Maths programme on offer, ensures that not only are new skills being introduced but that there are also opportunities for rehearsing and applying skills that have already been taught.


Where possible, cross curricular links are made to other subjects, particularly with Science and DT, to support children in understanding bigger concepts and applying their knowledge.


Enrichment activities are offered which promote links with the wider community to develop children’s life skills in meaningful and exciting ways.  

Maths Showcase

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