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“If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world.” Elaine and Dalton

At All Saints, we celebrate our differences and uniqueness and strive to ensure all children are able to achieve the high aspirations, they, we and their families hold. We recognise and value the special qualities each individual child brings to our school. Through bespoke planning and the delivery of targeted support work, we aim to enable all children, no matter what specific need they may have, to achieve their goals. 

We encourage our families to work in partnership with school to plan a daily diet of experiences which cater for the needs of their child. The planned work also helps each child to develop the skills they need to use in all areas of their daily lives. Our values, which are embedded in all aspects of school life, help to develop empathy and an understanding of the differing needs of each member of our school community. These same values help grow and guide children to embrace each other’s differences and support each other within school.

We pride ourselves in enabling all children to access a rich curriculum experience including uncovering and discovering new things about both themselves and the world around them. This includes day to day classroom activities, outdoor learning and offsite and residential trips. Each of these experiences help to develop life skills for all our children, no matter what their needs maybe. The child’s voice guides our practice and planning and ensures the curriculum our children receive is individual to them.  

Using our shared All Saints values, we aim to develop a generation of children who see no barriers to their achievements and will not let anything hold them back.