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Who's Who

Staffing Summer Term 2024

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher                       Mrs J. Beech

Deputy Head Teacher         Mr M. Evans

Assistant Head Teacher      Mrs A. Darby 

Assistant Head Teacher      Mrs E. Beardmore

Assistant Head Teacher      Miss G. Jones 

Assistant Head Teacher      Mrs H. Thomas (Acting)

Business Manager               Mrs D. Fiddian


Phase Leaders


Phase 1 Leader                    Mrs H. Thomas

Phase 2 Leader                    Mrs A. Darby

Phase 3 Leader                    Mrs. E Beardmore


Nursery and Reception     

Mrs A. Davis (RDT)

Mrs H. Thomas (RDT)

Mrs A. Bromley (RB)

Mrs H. O’Driscoll (Nursery)


Year 1

Miss G. Jones (1TJ)

Miss H. Mainwood (1M)


Year 2

Mrs J. Hughes/Mr A. Payne (2HD)

Mrs L. Whitehouse (2W)


Year 3

Miss J. Wignall (3W)

Mrs R. Houghton (3H)


Year 4

Miss A. Stevens (4S)

Miss S. Russell (4R)


Year 5

Miss A. Cox (5C)

Miss K. Cottam (5KC)


Year 6

Mr B. Wall (6W)

Miss K. Larkin/Mrs A. Darby (6B)


Cover staff and targeted support

Miss A. Donnelly (HLTA)

Mrs A. Tomlinson (HLTA)


Teaching Support Staff

Mrs R. Bahia (LSP)

Mrs H. Dodd (LSP)

Miss J. Ashmore (LSA) 

Miss S. Bennett (LSP)  

Mrs L. Smallman (LSP)

Miss R. McFarlane (LSP)

Mrs A. Ball (LSP)

Mrs M. Hayes (LSP)

Mrs A. Thompson (LSP)

Mrs P. Richards (LSP)

Mrs K. Douglas (LSP)

Miss L. Badger (LSP)

Mrs W. Foxall (LSP)

Miss R. Kara (LSP)


School Support Team (Non-Teaching Staff)

Business Manager Mrs D. Fiddian

Admin Manager    Mrs R. Wood 

Administrator        Mrs L. Emms 

Administrator        Miss E. Green

Family First Advisor:   Mrs M. Poxon

Site Manager    Mr R. Price

Site Assistant Mrs T. Mainwood  


Cleaning Staff

Mrs K. Kaur     

Mrs S. Kaur

Mrs R. Kumari


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs C. Crumpton     

Miss E. Green

Mrs G. Topping

Mrs L. Tudor

Miss M. Bates

Miss D. Mills

Mrs K. Kaur     

Mrs T. Mainwood 

Miss. J. Chambers

Mrs. N. Barber

Mrs J. Jones

Miss L. Green

Miss Z. Griffin

Mrs R. Sandhu


Afterschool Provision ‘The Buzz’

Mrs S. Dickinson      

Miss S. Bennett

Mrs P. Patel

Miss D. Mills


Breakfast Club Provision ‘Busy Bees’  

Mrs R. Bahia 

Mrs T. Mainwood

Mrs L. Smallman

Mrs G. Topping       


Kitchen Staff (SIPS)

Cook:      Ms T. Young