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Edgmond Hall- Day 1

What a fantastic residential so far, we can’t believe we have only been here for 1 day- we haven’t had a moment to stop!

We began the day by settling ourselves into our rooms; making our beds and unpacking our suitcases.  After that, Deb and Sue gave us a tour of Edgmond (it’s so cool) and all of the areas that we would be using and learning in.  

We then had lunch and `free time`.  There is so much space to play, explore and make new friends.


For our afternoon activities, we worked together in groups to take part in `team building` games.  We had to work as a team, communicate with our friends, persevere, problem solve and most all have lots of fun!  

After our evening meal, we headed back out for our night walk.  Together we lit a trail with our torches and discovered the forest hidden behind the beautiful house of Edgmond Hall.  Along the way, we listened for creatures, gazed at the stars and followed the light of the moon.  At the very end, we made a wish at the foot of the wishing tree.
Finally, we made it back to the house sipped hot cocoa and nibbled on homemade cookies.  After a busy day, we put our pyjamas on, brushed our teeth and snuggled up into bed whilst our teacher read us a bedtime story.  


We can't wait to find out what tomorrow has in store for us!


Speak soon,
Year 1, Year 2 and All Saints Staff