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Edgmond Hall- Day 2

We have had another fantastic day at Edgmond Hall!

Our day began bright and early as we had a busy day ahead.  To prepare us for the day, we headed down to the dinner hall (at 7:50am) for breakfast and tucked into cereal and toast.  We then had `free time` to blow away the sleepy cobwebs.  Together, we wrapped up warm as the weather was frosty and crisp- it was beautiful!

At 9:30am, we worked with Geoff and Deb to hunt for natural objects so that we could design and create an animal/creature.  We were then split into 2 groups; the first group explored the grounds using their map skills through orienteering and the second group fed the farm animals and then used the natural objects (that had been collected earlier that day) to make their creature/animal.  Half way through, we paused for a drink and biscuits and to also swap groups.

After a busy morning, we sat down together for lunch and shared stories about all of the activities that we had enjoyed.

During the afternoon, we followed a trail deep into the forest.  The leaves buried our feet and the branches sheltered us from the winter sun.  As we walked deep into the forest, we noticed up-rooted trees, mole mounds and farming land.  Eventually, the trail led us to a clearing where we were set a challenge to build a shelter that would keep woodland animals, safe, warm and dry.  Together, we worked really hard in our teams and were extremely proud of the shelters that we had built.

Finally, we made our way back to the grounds of Edgmond Hall and got ourselves ready for tea. 

Today has been another brilliant day, ending with a bedtime story to settle us for a good night’s sleep.

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow and tell you more about our adventures!


Year 1, Year 2 and All Saints Staff