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Frank Chapman– Day 2 2024

What a fantastic day we’ve had!  We began the day nice and early with breakfast in the dining room– up, dressed, teeth brushed and beds made all by 8:00am.  The temperature has been low again today, but the warmth of the sun put a spring in our step! 

After breakfast, we headed to the Boot Room to get wrapped up warm for our morning activities.  Ready and    waiting, in the outdoor classroom, were our Frank Chapman leaders Matt, McCauley and Jo.  Together, in our groups, we tackle new activities: mining, climbing, bush craft, archery and geo caching.  Soon our belly’s started rumbling so we sat down for lunch and delved into fresh cobs, crisps and doughnuts– we were ravenous! 

During the afternoon, we completed more activities together– following a trail deep into the forest, climbing the bouldering wall and navigating using the GPS.  Together, we faced challenges, preserved, encouraged our friends and developed new skills and independence.

As the night sky hid the evening sunshine, we warmed our toes in the Common Room, played games and shared books before tucking into our evening meal and pudding. 

Finally, our evening was then complete with a film, hot chocolate and cake to celebrate the two birthday girls!

We are now tucked up in bed to get a full nights sleep, ready for the last day!

Speak very soon!