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Ingestre Hall - Day 3

Hello from Ingestre Hall!


Today has been another busy day of fun, laughter, new experiences and delicious food!


We began our day bright and early so that we could shower and get ready for breakfast and the day ahead: we are now fully into the swing of our daily routines so that life at Ingestre Hall runs smooth like clockwork.


During our first break, we had a breath of fresh air in the morning mist. Together we played football, took a stroll and played hide and seek. We had a full day of lessons, with our teachers, so that we could prepare and rehearse in preparation for our sharing and performances on Thursday.


After tea, we wrapped up warm, grabbed our torches and headed out on our night walk. The clouds hid the stars and the warm lights lit a pathway for us to follow. As we headed further into the grounds, we stood and listened in silence. Darkness filled the air and the Hall became a dark silhouette in the distance. Together, we told stories and imagined we were on an adventure- it was an experience we will never forget!


To get warm and enjoy the last part of the evening, we headed back inside and had ‘free time’ in the main hall and studio.