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Plas Gwynant 2024- Day 1, 2 & 3

We don’t quite know where to start but we can definitely reassure you that we are having the most AMAZING time!  We haven’t actually been here that long but it already feels like home. 


Over the last 3 days, the weather has been pretty wet- mild but wet!  (We were totally led into false pretences when we arrived as the sun was very quickly smothered by thick, dismal clouds.)  The Plas staff -Jeff, Dan, Mel Charlie and Kev- are ace and have challenged us both as a team and individually.  So far, we have been canoeing, abseiling, mining and beach exploring; the weather hasn’t been ideal but it that hasn’t dampened our spirits or stopped us getting stuck in! 


Our days are jam-packed (7:30am-9:30pm) but we don’t mind as we are constantly learning new skills, building stronger relationships with our peers and stepping outside of our comfort zone. 


Wales is a beautiful part of the world, with stunning views and hidden gems, take a look at us in action!