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Yr6 Frank Champan - Day 1

We’ve had a great day today. We had a tour of the centre as soon as we arrived and had get unpacked and make our beds. Some of us found this quite tricky!


After that, we had some free time to explore the grounds. We played football, played on the obstacle course and went to have a look at the resident chickens.


Then it was time for our first activity. We had to be brave and explore a mine with our group. It was quite a small space and very dark and muddy inside. At least it was so dark we couldn’t see the spiders! We also built our teamworking skills by completing a blind line. The person at the front of the line was our leader and everyone else had to wear a blindfold. We had to follow the rope around forest while they helped us. There were quite a few obstacles to get over and under and even a few very muddy (and slippery!) puddles.


By now, we were all very hungry so we all enjoyed our tea. For our evening activity, we played a game called 101. Each team had 101 questions about the Frank Chapman centre that they had to find the answer to, the only problem was the answers were spread all over the site! The winning team scored an amazing 83 out of 101!


We are all very excited for tomorrow when we get to see how brave we are on the high ropes and the climbing wall.