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Yr6 Frank Chapman Day 2

We all had a good night's sleep and we didn't wake our teachers up too early! 


Today we had some climbing activities to do. The instructors showed us how to put on our harnesses and helmet safely and then showed us the high ropes. They really were high! We had 4 different activities to do over the day. 


On the high ropes we had to challenge ourselves to climb as high as we could. This wasn't easy and we had to climb on ropes ladders, tyres and ropes. Sometimes there wasn't much to hold on to. The instructors showed us how to keep our friends safe by holding their safety ropes as a team.


We also had to try to climb a very tall tree. When we got to the top, our friends had to lower us down. 


Some of found the abseil a little scary. We had to climb the climbing wall and then our instructor helped us abseil down. Stepping back over the edge was very scary but we all managed it!


We built some excellent team work skills in the crate stacking challenge. We had to work with a partner to build and stand on the highest tower of milk crates. They weren't very big and they were very wobbly! The winning pair managed to scale 14 crates!


After tea, we walked down into the forest and collected materials to make some Earth Art. We also collected some clay to make our own funny faces.