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Frank Chapman- Day 1

We've had such a busy day so far, we haven't had a moment to stop!


As we drove up the path towards Frank Chapman, a tree had fallen and blocked the road but luckily it was Team All Saints to the rescue!


Once we had arrived, we unpacked our suitcases, made our beds and then headed down to lunch- we were starving!  After lunch, we headed out for an afternoon of team building.  Together, we persevered to complete a range of challenging tasks- it was great fun!


To complete our first day, we filled our bellies (once more) and then wrapped up to venture out into the forest for a night walk.  To end the walk, we stood under the stars and made a wish under The Magic Tree.


We can't wait to find out what tomorrow has in store for us!


Speak soon

Year 3, Year 4 and All Saints Staff