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Frank Chapman

Frank Chapman Day 1: Our adventure begins!


Hello everyone,

We have had a fantastic first day so far. When we arrived, we had a guided tour of our new home for the week before we sat down for lunch. We all enjoyed a delicious sandwich, fruit and a piece of cake to fill our tummies before heading out for some team building activities. We worked well in our teams, listened to one another and persevered- definitely demonstrating our school values.

Our next activity was to make our beds! Definitely a challenging task, but we all managed to do it (with the help of our teachers)! It was then time for tea. We had a choice of pizza and chips, jacket potato with cheese and beans or a Cornish pasty. It was delicious! We are now about to head out for our evening walk- head torches at the ready!

We will write back tomorrow evening after everyone has had a good night sleep!

Bye everyone!